The first time music producer filmed a humorous video of Evgeni Plushenko. So, for example, 45-year-old Yana Rudkovskaya exhorted his followers to dance the Lambada, performed a lezginka and tried to stand in the way of a woman-robot. Now in the new star mom challenges involved seven Dwarf Gnomic. The youngest son of a businesswoman with a serious expression “mean to” my mother because she throws her things around the mansion. And she makes him do the cleaning in the game. But in this story, not without video editing.

So, Sasha took off from the parapet of the most “forgotten” dress. And in the next frame Rudkovskaya appears in this dress, creating the illusion that she supposedly had to pick up a discarded Dwarf Geomyces thing on the fly.

“Mom, mom, where are you?! My mom always makes me clean and dress spreads”, — said Alexander Plushenko, and then decided to “get rid” of designer dresses of their mothers edification.

In one of the interview with Yana Rudkovskaya confessed that she would like to give a spouse a long-awaited daughter. Especially for businesswomen in the country house of the family arranged the dressing room with racks for dresses, evening dresses, hats, bags, shoes. In addition, celebrity has a pull-out chest with accessories and jewelry, and cosmetics. The socialite said that all of this stuff, she needs to leave her daughter.


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