Dying can wait: connection with Casino Royale confirmed

Barbara Broccoli, at the head of the franchise since “Goldeneye” in 1995, confirmed it: “Dying can wait” will conclude the narrative arc opened by the intrigue of “Casino Royale”. 15 years after the release of the first film with Daniel Craig, it is now certain that Vesper Lynd will have his role to play, whatever the form, in the flesh or from his grave …

British phlegm and deadpan humor won’t help. To die can wait, The 25th film in the 007 franchise, will be long overdue, until this pun was no longer funny. In the very first blockbusters to have to postpone following the Covid-19 pandemic, its release is now set for October 6, 2021. On this date, we will therefore be able to see the last release of Daniel Craig in the role of James Bond, with a conclusion brought to its cycle, where all the films are connected to each other. And to get it right, as we have already seen, the production wanted To die can wait finish what started with Casino Royale, Daniel Craig’s first 007 and “reboot” of the franchise.

Casino Royale – Dying Can Wait, a case to be finished

It’s not detailed yet, but historic producer Barbara Broccoli made it clear, in an interview with Total Film :

This film is the right addition to Casino Royale, because its emotional development since that film has taken it to a place never before seen. It’s very exciting. In terms of conclusion, the circle is closed now. And it is very satisfying.

The novelty of the Craig era is to have built consistency between films, whereas previously all James Bond films were stand-alone and did not relate to each other – except for the figures of SPECTER and the “family” around 007. With this continuity between the 5 films, the character could be psychologically deepened, and anchored in a more tangible reality. Somehow, the 007 version Daniel Craig is the man wounded and betrayed by Vesper Lynd, great love of his life tragically died in Venice at the end of Casino Royale. One of the beating hearts of the following films remains Vesper Lynd (Eva Green), insofar as she was related to Mr. White, father of Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux), Madeleine herself became love interest first-rate since Spectre.

To die can wait ©Universal Pictures

The return of Vesper Lynd?

How does the James Bond story in To die can wait will she cling to that of Casino Royale ? This is the whole mystery of the film, which still remains opaque since we know that the main plot involving Safin (Rami Malek) is a priori unpublished. But as James Bond himself recalls in the teaser : “the past never dies“…

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So unprecedented certainly, but linked to James Bond’s past, and therefore to his first mission, that of Casino Royale. A lot of elements have already indicated that the subject Vesper Lynd will be present, a final thought from Daniel Craig in the same interview for Total Film further supports the hypothesis of seeing it again. To the question of knowing what are the main themes of To die can wait, the actor replies:

Love and family.

A fine way of not revealing the story, while providing a real answer. After the treatment of the “double” family, that of MI6 with Q, M and Moneypenny, and the “family” of James Bond, nicely staged by Sam Mendes in Skyfall and Spectre, To die can wait will take care of spell love theme for James Bond. With the promises made with great emotion, there is no doubt that this new 007 will bring us back to the bubbling waters of Venice …

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