Dysautonomia, long covid symptoms that you need to watch out for

KONTAN.CO.ID – Long covid is a symptom of Covid-19 that you still experience even though you have been declared cured of the disease. Of course, your body condition cannot be as healthy as it was before being infected with the corona virus.

As a result, you can have difficulty carrying out activities.

Launch Eatthis.comDysautonomia is one of the symptoms of long covid that can occur. Dysautonomia is a condition in which you feel dizzy because your body’s temperature regulation cannot function normally.

Until now, it is not certain how long dysautonomia will be experienced by Covid-19 survivors. It doesn’t stop there, there are still many other long covid symptoms that you shouldn’t ignore:

Brain fog

Brain fog is a term that refers to your inability to concentrate. In order not to get worse, there are a few things you need to do.

Starting from increasing rest time, eating nutritious food, exercising diligently, to avoiding alcohol.

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Sleep disturbance

The next long covid symptom that you can experience is sleep disturbances. If left unchecked, sleep disturbances can interfere with the quality and quantity of rest time at night. As a result, more and more diseases can appear.

Hard to breathe

Shortness of breath is another characteristic of the corona virus that you can experience.

Eatthis.com advise you to immediately see a doctor when you experience shortness of breath even though the activities you are doing are not strenuous. It could be, the condition arises due to other health problems.

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Muscle ache

Muscle pain can be a symptom of long covid.

Do you often experience muscle pain after being infected with the corona virus? If the condition does not go away for a long time, muscle pain can be included in the symptoms of long covid.

Leaving muscle soreness due to Covid-19 can make it difficult for you to carry out daily activities.

From these conditions, are there any symptoms of long covid that you experience? Don’t hesitate to ask a doctor for help, okay? It is feared, letting the symptoms of long covid actually worsen your health condition.

In addition, make sure to always apply health protocols. If you have to leave the house, always keep your distance from other people.

Don’t forget to clean your hands using soap and running water or hand sanitizer, and use the right masks and in accordance with health standards.

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