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C is someone who kills wild donkeys for months in California and a reward for capturing it in style wild west. The death of over 40 donkeys since last May near a highway in the Mojave desert, California, has launched a public search for the outlaw. The award for those who help identify the author or authors is growing with donor contributions and already exceeds 45,000 euros, about $ 50,000, according to The Washington Post.

Since last May, the bodies of 42 donkeys killed along 95 kilometers of the road connecting the cities of Halloran Springs, California, and Primm, Nevada, near the northern end of the Mojave, have been found on the main road of communication between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Other amounts have been added to the initial premium, which already includes contributions from anonymous donors, foundations or public institutions.

The capture, harassment or death of one of these animals is punishable by one year of imprisonment and a fine of nearly $ 2,000. The dead asses were part of a pack of about 120 specimens, according to a spokeswoman. The found bodies allow to venture that the author of the shots, which seems to use a rifle, is dedicated to aiming at the neck of solipeds from afar. "Wild horses and donkeys are an icon of the American West and are part of our cultural heritage. We will follow any clues to capture those responsible for these cruel and savage deaths, "said William Perry Pendley of the United States Land Administration Office last week.

The donkeys were introduced to North America by the Spaniards, explains the aforementioned means and were crucial during the gold rush as pack animals. The pollens expanded so much in the absence of natural predators that in the middle of the last century the mass killings were common until their decline which forced them to be protected in the 70's. The US authorities estimate that around 16,000 donkeys inhabit the areas under public supervision.



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