E. Macron – I. Šimonytė’s harsh remarks: it is not Russia that needs security guarantees

In an interview with the French TV station TF1, E. Macron said that Europe must prepare the future security architecture.

“It means that one of the fundamental things that we have to deal with, as President Putin has always said, is the fear that NATO is coming very close to [Rusijos] doors, and the deployment of weapons that could pose a threat to Russia,” said E. Macron.

“That’s why we have to prepare, what we are ready to do, how to protect our allies and member states and how to provide guarantees to Russia the day it returns to the negotiating table,” the French president continued.

The Prime Minister of Lithuania spares no criticism for such statements.

Interviewed by CNN journalist Christiane Amanpour, I. Šimonytė said that such ideas of E. Macron are strange, because it is not Russia that needs security guarantees.

“It is very strange to talk about security guarantees for a country that has never faced a real threat of attack,” said Prime Minister Ch. Amanpour of Lithuania, adding that Russia not only destroys Ukraine’s infrastructure every day, but also commits war crimes.

“I don’t think we should care about Russia’s security guarantees when it does not care about the security of other countries,” added I.Šimonytė, saying that countries that value democracy and respect for territorial borders need security guarantees.

Laimas Penek/LRVK photo/Ingrida Šimonytė in Kyiv

Last week, both Russia and the United States said they were broadly open to talks, although US President Joe Biden said he would only talk to Putin if the Kremlin leader showed he was interested in ending the war. Ukraine also claims that negotiations are possible only if Russia stops attacking and withdraws its troops from its territory.

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Many in Ukraine and the West strongly oppose any talks with Putin that would reward him after nearly 10 months of war, especially given that Ukraine has pushed Russian forces out of large swaths of territory in the past three months, according to Reuters.

But Macron’s remarks show he welcomes Moscow’s need for security guarantees, a demand that has been the focus of intense but unsuccessful diplomacy before the war.

Reuters reminds that on February 8, just a few weeks before the Russian invasion, at a joint press conference with E. Macron in Moscow, V. Putin stated that Russia will continue to try to get answers from the West to its three main security demands: not to expand the ranks of NATO , not to deploy missiles near Russia’s borders and reduce NATO’s military infrastructure in Europe by 1997. level.

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