E. Muskas got rich by 36 billion a day. dollars – the world has never seen it

E.Muskas is the richest person in the world in just a month, and now he is also the richest. On Monday, while you were still struggling with Monday’s drowsiness, E. became $ 36 billion richer.

What happened? Well, the money in E. Musko’s accounts did not increase so much. The value of his shares just rose. Car rental giant Hertz has ordered 100,000 Tesla electric vehicles, the largest order in the history of E. Musko. This is not only a huge source of income for the electric car manufacturer, but also a good recognition. And stock exchanges appreciated it.

In fact, the value of Tesla rose after the excellent quarterly results. The result – E.Muskas became 36 billion richer in a day. Ironically, it is not money, but the value of shares, but if E.Muskas sold all his shares, their value would fall sharply and he would not receive such money. The success of Tesla Motors is related to E. Muskus, so it is interesting how the company would succeed if E. Muskus left.

In 2019, E.Muskas stated that he has very little cash and lives on loans that he supports with his shares. He sold real estate in California and moved into a small home near SpaceX’s headquarters in Texas.

He has written on Twitter that his wealth depends entirely on his companies – if they collapsed, he would collapse. And while many of Tesla’s competitors are likely to want that collapse, the company’s market position is only getting stronger.

E. Muskas is already approaching the $ 300 billion mark on the Forbes list of billionaires. His assets are valued at $ 278.6 billion, followed by Jeff Bezos in second place at $ 197 billion.

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