E-scooters: these scooters are not allowed on German roads


In a Saturn market in Hamburg this week. "Save. Take away," is found on orange and white advertising banners. The electronic market has pushed several pallets of goods onto the sales floor of the second floor. Added to this are boxes with inscriptions such as "CityBlitz Slimline" or "Urban with pneumatic tires". E-Scooter. The individual models are ready to touch and try in front of the cardboard piles.

Prices are marked with "action". Here it should be exhausted quickly. In the information sheets, the performance data is touted. The Slimline takes him, for example, to a maximum speed of 24 km / h. What is missing here, however, is a not inconsiderable indication: that vehicles sold here on German roads are not allowed – and will not. They are faster than the police allow.

All Germany is waiting for the e-scooter. Less than two weeks are left, so the much discussed electric scooters are also approved in Germany. Some are looking forward to finally slipping electrically through the city. Others are already annoyed by the imminent invasion of the scooter.

Only customers of Mediamarkt, Saturn and other retailers no longer have to wait. You can easily buy the electric scooter. Especially in the markets of the home appliance market leader, an entire fleet of brand new e-scooters has already been offered. However, customers should think twice if they actually want to pay two, three or even up to eight hundred euros for their companions. With this acquisition, they could fall very early on the nose.

The legal situation is not disputed by the markets

Although the regulations for so-called small electric vehicles that have been in force since June 15 have been known for months, the electric giant still sells e-scooters in its markets, which it is already clear that they will never be allowed to operate on German roads. Only the maximum advertised speeds of 24, with some models even 30 km / h offend against the set in the new 20 km / h top speed setting. Safety precautions such as side reflectors are completely missing.

An amazing stupidity in the face of a known e-scooter safety issue. In the United States, where runabouts have been approved for a long time, scooter victims repeatedly end up with fractures or head injuries in hospital emergency rooms. In Sweden, a 27-year-old scooter driver was killed in an accident just last week.

According to the reaction without humor to the Federal Ministry of Transport for the sale of electric scooters not suitable for circulation. "Anyone who puts a motor vehicle in public transport without the necessary approval is against the rules," the ministry said shortly.

In Mediamarkt and Saturn, the legal situation is not disputed. "The e-scooters currently available in Germany can only be used on private land that is not accessible to the public", confirms a company spokesman on request. "We report it to others in our advertising, in our online stores and on the packaging of our products."

Furthermore, specialist market advisors have informed customers that scooters should only be used on suitable private land. Here they would continue to have "value as fun products" for customers. Other dealers sell unauthorized e-scooters, this is a request for this.

There may be people who have large private spaces and their own streets. In large masses, customers with scooters on public roads are likely to be traveling, so they are actually designed. In fact, the use of illegal comrades in German cities has already significantly increased in recent months.

Meanwhile, the police are deliberately pulling out the e-scooters. For the commissioning of a vehicle without a license, it is sometimes necessary to pay three-digit fines. If mandatory insurance is due in two weeks, uninsured scooter users may even commit a crime. It is not clear to many that they are breaking the law.

In fact, it is not at all obvious to customers who are not allowed to drive with their scooters. For example, at the online retailer Amazon, an e-scooter is praised for its "advantages in city traffic": an indication of lack of approval is missing. There were also no indications on the problematic legal situation in the three Media Markt and Saturn stores that had been randomly controlled by the world. Apart from the company's claims, these were also missing on the packaging.

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Even the client's consultant, who is particularly in demand in a market, is reluctant to provide information even on the specific question whether these e-scooters are approved. "No, not yet", press around. On the question of when they would be allowed to come to vague statements. "It's not very clear. There should be something to do in the middle of the month." And then finally the advice, perhaps even better with the purchase of waiting. The manufacturer should correct something. In the summer, Saturn and the media market want to bring the scooters available in the shops, according to the press office. Until then, you still want to bring the "fun products" to the man.

From the consumer point of view it supports an absurdity. "Consumers should be informed that the e-scooter cannot be driven legally even after the regulation comes into force. It is not right that they first have to ask if e-scooters can also be used in public spaces "says Stephanie Weller, project manager" Efficient passenger transportation "at the Consumer Center. Electric scooters should receive a corresponding trademark in commerce and on the Internet.

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Carefree young woman riding an electric scooter

Because a trip with a scooter that is not entirely legal seems as superficial as a trivial crime. Occasionally, pioneers have been on the road for electronic skateboards and e-scooters for quite some time. But given the fierce debate on safety in the period prior to the registration of the scooter and mandatory users of compulsory insurance now must assume that the police are now looking more closely.

Added to this is the risk of liability. "Those traveling on unauthorized e-scooters on the road are driving at their own risk. In the event of an accident, the damage is not insured", says DEVK, which also offers e-scooter insurance. In addition, the driver must expect a fine and points to Flensburg.

The fact that this is not just a theoretical danger was revealed only on Monday when he arrived in Hamburg for the first e-scooter accident. A 25-year-old woman rammed a 12-year-old on the bike path with an electric scooter that was not approved. Both were slightly injured. The police seized the illegal vehicle. Now traffic management determined.

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From 15 June, e-scooters should be authorized on German roads

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