E3 2020: ESA confirms appearances by Nintendo, Microsoft & Co.


The E3 2020 is fundamentally still a long way off, but recently the industry fair once again made headlines after the well-known game journalist Geoff Keighley confirmed that it was the first time to stay away from the fair. After a leak in the supposed list of exhibitors, ESA is trying to smooth the waves a little.

The E3 continues to lose its importance, which is clear from the fact that after Electronic Arts, Sony, one of the most important manufacturers, is now absent for the second time in a row. The journalist Geoff Keighley, who is known for the production of the well-known The Game Awards, also recently emphasized that, for the first time, he did not take part in E3 2020 in his vita and did without the E3 Coliseum format.

Is the E3 2020 still of interest? A leaked list of exhibitors recently poured additional oil into the fire, which, for example, also lacked Nintendo. But the organizing ESA is now trying to counteract the negative headlines.

Most recently, the organizers of the industry trade fair published an official list of confirmed exhibitors – and there are now, in addition to Microsoft with the Xbox, other big names such as Nintendo, but also Ubisoft, Bethesda, SEGA, Capcom, Square Enix, Take- Two Interactive, Bandai Namco or Warner Bros. Games.

In June of this year, Micrsoft will be introducing new products for the Xbox Series X as part of an anticipated major appearance, and Nintendo will probably address fresh game feed for the Switch in a special direct edition. Bethesda should also put on its own show again, just like Ubisoft.

Ultimately, the E3 2020 will stay away from the two big companies from which it was already clear: Electronic Arts and Sony. As part of the in-house accompanying event EA Play, EA is likely to present the line-up for 2020 again in a similar time context.

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