E3 21/More than 200 new mini-games, “Share the Fun!” “Made in Valio” landed on Nintendo Switch

In the past, the “Made in Valio” series, commonly known as “Bad Leo Workshop”, also launched a new work “Share the Fun!” at the Nintendo face-to-face meeting at E3 this year. Made in Valio.

There are currently two major series of Valio games, namely “Valio Paradise” and “Made in Valio”, both of which have never been on the Switch, and the latter has always been a relaxed collection of sketch styles. This time, “Share the Same” fun! “Made in Valio” is of course no exception.

According to the official introduction, “Share with Fun! “Made in Valio” contains more than 200 new mini-games, and is the first corresponding two-player game for the series. Players can perform levels through simple operations, even if it is the same mini game, there are many strategies, waiting for players to continue to explore.

“Share and Have Fun! “Made in Valio” will land on the Nintendo Switch platform on September 10. The game supports Traditional Chinese. The pre-order price in Hong Kong dollars is 359 yuan, which is equivalent to about 1,300 yuan in Taiwan dollars.


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