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Still, I don’t think that’s entirely true, many of those movies have their own theme songs and those songs are also associated with the characters onscreen. Endgame did that a lot, you could easily predict Cap’s introduction in the film because his theme song started a few seconds before (which is very recognizable). And now you call it Black Panther, but that African drum tune the theme starts with is super recognizable and you know exactly where you’re going when cap says “I know a place” *wakanda theme plays*. Even Ant-man theme comes to mind as soon as I see you typing it.

Sure, not nearly as iconic and recognizable as Pirates of Lotr, agree. Those movies constantly use original music written specifically for those movies. The Marvel movies alternate that much more with pop classics, often done to accentuate a time setting. Which is super clear with guardians and story-wise also has a good reason. But also Cap Marvel, for example, which takes music from the 90s to match the rest of the film, but nevertheless also has its own theme song.

However, I wonder to what extent those kind of theme songs are copyrighted for the movies, because I just think that those theme songs can’t really be used outside the MCU and so it will be missing from your games, making it indeed not as iconic as Pirates or Lotr music (you almost MUST have that music in your games).

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