EA unbearable FIFA raises US$1 billion in licensing fees, “FIFA” series may be renamed | 4Gamers

EA’s signature football game series “FIFA” is reported to be renamed, and there are recent news that the name change is because FIFA is considering doubling the authorization fee and offering a new price of 1 billion U.S. dollars every 4 years (about 28 billion New Taiwan dollars) ).

According to the New York Times (The New York Times), EA is currently discussing renewal with FIFA. FIFA offers a price of 1 billion licensing fees every four years, while restricting EA’s source of game profit.

For the game profit mentioned here, FIFA requires EA not to extend the profit to the “real world”, such as real events, e-sports events, and digital investment in NFTs (non-fungible tokens). In other words, EA’s profit source must be based on “games”.

Faced with the possible breakdown of negotiations, EA has previously said that FIFA authorization is limited to “Name (FIFA)”, “World Cup”, “Logo” and related rights and identities, but does not prevent them from using teams and players name.

EA has recently completed the registration of the “EA Sports FC” trademark, and it is rumored that it may be the new name of the “FIFA” series in the future.

The fate of EA and FIFA began with the launch of “FIFA International Soccer” (FIFA International Soccer) in 1993, and the “FIFA” football game series that has been created for nearly 20 years since then. In addition to launching on platforms such as computers and home game consoles every year, there are also street football, management series or derivative series launched in conjunction with large-scale international competitions.

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It is reported that the two parties will complete the discussion at the end of this year as soon as possible. If it is determined to break, the “FIFA 22” released on September 26 this year may be EA’s last “FIFA” series.


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