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The Electronic Arts game publisher wants to separate from a high-level employee. EA Ireland senior director, Philipe Grenet, should leave. He is accused of making an inappropriate remark to a colleague. A preliminary injunction is now the intermediate discharge.

Who was fired? Philippe Grenet (56) was released. This is Senior Director of Global Delivery Service for EA Ireland. At work he leads 420 employees in Galway, Ireland, and 80 employees in Texas, USA. He earned € 160,000 in the year.

This is reported by the largest Irish newspaper, Irish Independent, on its online page in the section on ongoing court cases.

Anger on the "queue comparison" formulation

What did he accuse him?? It is said that Grenet told a colleague in Texas: "He will not do it", he pulls out his tail and puts it on the table to see who has the biggest one. "

Grenet denies having chosen these words. But he admits he told a colleague in a "one-on-one" video, "I do not want to compare the length of my dick".

Battlefield V Trailer 02

Battlefield 5, one of EA's current games

Grenet thinks another member wants to get rid of him

This is what Grenet says: Meanwhile, Grenet admits that the observation is inelegant, embarrassing and not a good idea. He wanted to express that he did not want to challenge the other person for a job opportunity.

Grenet goes on to say that the person in question, Tracy Simmons, has often behaved negatively and undermined his authority as superior. His statement is now marked by evil intentions.

The decision by Electronic Arts was a mistake and unfair because the accident was not properly studied.

Grenet fears that the allegations will negatively affect his career and his future career. He has a long career in the gaming industry and has always acted honestly and decent.

This is what the lawyer of Grenet says: The attorney of Grenet states that English is not their mother tongue. Grenet is married and has a young son. He had moved from France to Ireland only in 2018.

The charges are taken out of context by someone who wants to get rid of Grenet. The investigation of the EA accident was chaotic and characterized by bias.

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FIFA 19 – another game underway by EA.

The court prevents dismissal

So the moment was: The incident in the video switch should have happened on November 9th. Shortly thereafter, Grenet was told in a brief meeting that had been suspended. Grenet was then fired on November 14, a few days after the complaint.

It happened now: On Thursday, December 6, the High Court of Ireland, the Republic's civil and penal supreme court, issued an injunction that Grenet can not be dismissed. He can not be released or transferred until further notice.

The court wants to meet again next week.

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