Eagles announces the entry of several players


Santiago. –The Cibaeñas Eagles has announced the engagement of the American pitcher Brad Markey and the entrance to the stage of Richelson Peña, and Bartolo Colon who will strengthen his body pitching.

The announcement was made by Manny Acta, vice president of baseball operations for the national champions, during his conference with the local press.

Manny also mentioned that Ronny Elías, the Cuban antipasto for left-handed people who has been with the team for the past two years, has entered the next two weeks.

"Markey was in our plans right from the start, he was hired to join the Eagles in the second part of the regular round, with Richelson we already got permission from Texas, his organization," said Act.

He explained that "with Bartolo we have already spoken by the United States and he will realize what has been planned".



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