Eagles do not label franchise player fouls


Philadelphia Eagles will not publish the franchise tag on quarterback Nick Foles, the general manager said today. Howie Roseman.

"Let's let Nick Foles become a free agent," Roseman said in the scouting NFL in Indianapolis. "It deserves the opportunity to lead a team".

The main objective of Foles was the possibility to find a franchise that could call his after two extraordinary seasons in support Carson Wentz.

Foles canceled his contract with the Eagles, returning $ 2 million in February.

"I would like to drive a team," Foles said at the end of the 2018 season. "The main thing, driving a team, has an impact on a locker room … that's why we play, to hit people, to create a & # 39; atmosphere. "

Roseman said the combination is the NFL version of the winter baseball meetings, where the teams have the opportunity to discuss possible exchanges. The organization was considering the idea of ​​including the Foles label to facilitate an exchange, but this decision indicates that the team could not find an agreement that would work.

To make it walk, the Eagles should receive a compensatory selection equal to a third round in 2020.



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