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According to the Confederation of German Employers' Associations (BDA), the shortage of skilled workers in Germany is due to the non-cutting pension reinforced with 63. "This is a heavy mortgage not only for our pension fund, but also for our labor market," said BDA Chief Executive Steffen Kampeter. The shortage of skilled workers in Germany is further increased "with a misguided pension policy".

According to Kampeter, about a quarter of a million skilled workers per year have retired nationwide in the past two years. These are significantly more than from the Federal government originally forecast, according to the BDA. In the opinion of the Institute for Employment Research (IAB), this poses a major problem for smaller companies in particular: they have difficulties in keeping skilled workers who are entitled to a
have a tee-off pension.

The law has been in force since July 2014. According to this, older employees who have paid at least 45 years into the pension fund can retire without any deductions from the age of 63 years. According to figures from the Deutsche Rentenversicherung, about 735,000 employees used this regulation in the past three years – figures that do not, however, alarm the Federal Ministry of Labor. It would be in the expected range so far.

Karl Brenke from the German Institute for Economic Research also sees the effect of a possible increase in the Skills shortages through the tee-off pension currently as "not particularly big effect." Although there were several with the entry into force of the tee-off pension
Vintages that could retire at the same time. This effect is too
The beginning of the reform, however, turned out bigger than last. In addition, the labor market reacts relatively flexibly.

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