Earning Nearly IDR 1 T, Bank Raya Reveals Its Grand Plan

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Wednesday, 10/05/2023 20:42 WIB

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – PT Bank Raya Indonesia Tbk (AGRO) has obtained fresh funds of IDR 996.6 billion through a corporate action to increase capital through Pre-emptive Rights (rights issue) at the end of 2022. With these funds, Bank Raya will carry out various business developments working on the digital segment and gig economy.

Director of Digital and Operations of Bank Raya Bhimo Wikan Hantoro revealed that the funds were used to strengthen capital in accordance with the minimum capital regulations set by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). This is in line with the fulfillment of the Company’s obligations in accordance with POJK No. 12/2020.

“Furthermore (funds) can be used as working capital expansion because we will continue to develop innovative products according to our vision, mission and target market,” said Bhimo in the Press Conference of the Bank Raya Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGMS), Wednesday (10/5/ 2023).

In addition, these funds will also be used to strengthen Bank Raya’s target market in the BRI Group. Among other things, through lending and payment ecosystems.

“Whether it’s in a new market segment or a segment gig economy. Likewise our parent ecosystem segment, namely within the BRI Group,” he explained.

As previously known, Bank Raya obtained shareholder approval at the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders to issue a maximum of 3.5 billion shares with a nominal value of Rp 100 per share which will be offered through PMHMETD or rights issue. This amount is equivalent to 15.39% of the issued and fully paid capital of the Company on July 31, 2022.

For information, during the first quarter of 2023, Bank Raya recorded growth in digital lending of IDR 756 billion. This number has increased by 49.08%. year-on-year from the previous year which only touched IDR 507.1 billion.

Growth was also noted by digital saving that increased by 358.3% yoy to IDR 710.4 billion from the previous year which was only IDR 155 billion.

In this AGMS, the company also made changes to the company’s board of commissioners and directors. The AGMS approved the appointment of new members of the board of commissioners and directors.

Main Director of Bank Raya Ida Bagus Ketut Subagia said that this change is expected to provide new enthusiasm in achieving better performance. This position is effective after obtaining OJK approval.

The following is the composition of the board of commissioners of Bank Raya

Main Commissioner: Muhamad Sidik Heruwibowo

Independent Commissioner: Eko B. Supriyanto

Independent Commissioner: Rina Sa’adah

Commissioner: Achmad FC Barir

Independent Commissioner: Retno Wahyuni ​​Wijayanti

Meanwhile, the composition of the board of directors is as follows

Main Director: Ida Bagus Ketut Subagia

Agri Retail and Funding Director: Dedy Hendrianto

Director of Digital and Operations: Bhimo Wikan Hantoro

Director of Enterprise Risk Management Compliance & Human Resources: Danar Widyantoro

Director of Finance: Rustarti Suri Pertiwi

Furthermore, Ida Bagus emphasized that Bank Raya is committed to aiming at product expansion potentials and strengthening the integrated digital payment ecosystem in one application. So it can be an option for the community.

“The company will also continue to encourage improvements in the quality of digital products by building service infrastructure to encourage long-term sustainable and profitable growth,” he continued.

Finally, the company will synergize with the BRI Group ecosystem in expanding access to banking products for customers, as well as providing the best experience for digital banking transactions.

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