Ears for Miguel de Pablo and Borja Jiménez in the bullish disappointment of Colmenar Viejo

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The express wish of the farmer to quadri for unpacking his bulls one by one in the days prior to his announcement as the only one of the year in Old Apiary It ended with the result completely opposite to what was desired: seven of the eight bulls examined by the veterinarians were rejected for spoiling themselves in the ring and in the corrals.

Consummated the drama of what was one of the great attractions of the Fair of Remedies, the businessman Carlos Zuniga He had no choice but to improvise another bull claim in just over a day. The thing was solved with three bulls of Peñaja and three others of San Martin Announced as a cattle challenge but they barely offered options to a shortlist in need of victories and who settled the ballot with dignity.

The toughness of the modest bullfighter who demands opportunities on a daily basis sometimes has complex coincidences. Michael dePaul, With hardly any afternoons announced throughout the year, he suddenly found himself with two contracts in 48 hours. With one caveat: the two places in which it was advertised were separated by more than 9,000 kilometers.

After succeeding in Saint Louis of Peace In Mexico, last Friday, the native of Colmenar landed in Madrid at 6 in the morning on the same day that he had to dress up in front of his countrymen. With almost no time, and hardly knowing that he would not stop Cuadri’s run, michael de paul completed an important afternoon.

His first of Peñaja He did not give him facilities. Reservón, attacking inside, and replacing with danger, the bull tested the capacity of a De Pablo who stood up to him with dignity and who achieved good moments in the round, always very crossed and passing very close to the bull. An overhead thrust put her ear in his hands.

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