Earthquake in China: more deaths and injuries


A rescue mission is underway in the event of heavy rains in China after a strong magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck the Chinese province of Sichuan killing at least six people and wounding 75 others.

The earthquake occurred at 10:55 local time (1455 GMT) at a depth of 16 km, according to the China Earthquake Networks Center.

A series of at least four aftershocks, the largest of which had a magnitude of 5.1, took place in the following 40 minutes.

The geological survey of the United States put the magnitude of the main earthquake at 5.8, adding that "extensive damage is likely and the disaster is probably widespread".

The deaths and injuries were all recorded in Changning and Gongxian counties, according to local officials, according to Xinhua.

A hotel near the epicenter collapsed, but it was not immediately clear whether there had been victims of that incident, the agency said. The cracks have appeared in several highways in the area.

More than 300 firefighters were sent to the scene. Rescue personnel were also sent with 5,000 tents, 10,000 folding beds and other emergency supplies, Xinhua reports.

The videos circulating on social media showed chandeliers and other lighting bodies that swayed from the shaking.

AFP was not able to independently verify the authenticity of the movie.

Earthquakes regularly hit Sichuan, where a powerful earthquake of magnitude 7.9 left 87,000 dead or missing in 2008.

In February, three earthquakes struck Rongxian County in the province, killing two people and wounding 12 others – victims that residents accused of fracking.

The local authorities subsequently blocked the extraction of shale gas after protesting thousands of residents.

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