Earthquake shakes WA from Perth to Broome


An earthquake struck WA with tremors heard from Broome to Perth.

The 6.5 earthquake struck the Kimberley coast at 1.39 pm on Sunday.

According to Geoscience Australia, the earthquake was felt as far south as Esperance and as far north as Darwin.

There are no reports of serious damage and the Joint Australian Tsunami Warning Center has stated that there is no tsunami risk.

Beginning at 14:00, about 800 people registered after experiencing the earthquake with the government's website with over 500 registered on the northwest coast.

There have been over 200 reports from Broome and 251 others in Port Hedland.

One person posted on Facebook saying that the intensive care unit at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital trembled for a full minute.

More than 70 members felt the tremors in Perth while almost forty felt in Darwin in the Northern Territory.

Incredibly there were also 2 reports from Melbourne and Brisbane.

The earthquake on Sunday is the same size as the one that destroyed the city of Meckering in 1968.



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