Home Business Eastview Mall closes early due to storm power outages

Eastview Mall closes early due to storm power outages


Eastview Mall was closed on Saturday after a windstorm destroyed most of Victor's mall.

The mall closes at 18:00 due to power outages. Lord & Taylor and Von Maur had enough parking and shop lighting to stay open.

The mall's Twitter account has published that restaurants may reopen if power is restored on time and advised buyers and diners to call in advance.

The L.L. Bean adjacent to the mall still has energy and will remain open.

The main customer service number for the mall is (585) 223-4420.

UPDATE at 6:26 pm: Power has been restored to the mall, but several stores will remain closed. Macy's, Lord & Taylor, L.L. Bean and Von Maur are open. It is however advisable to call in advance to see if restaurants and shops in Eastview Mall and Eastview Commons are open.

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