Eating habits that can affect your memory. What the latest specialist studies say

Specialist studies have shown that 57.9% of Americans eat processed foods for breakfast. These include cereal, fruit yogurt, fizzy drinks and more. Although sugary foods give you the energy you need, they will only satisfy your needs in the short term, and your body will feel the need for another dose of junk food to enjoy the energy it needs again.

Eating habits that can affect your memory

Americans’ eating style is not seen as the healthiest in the world. The reason is simple and quite obvious to researchers. Fast food is preferred by Americans who are always on the run. But this is not only true for them.

A lot of Romanians find themselves in similar situations. The latest studies have revealed the main eating habits that could put your memory at risk.

The study was conducted by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey and enjoyed satisfactory results for the researchers. According to the report, the most dangerous eating habit is one based on a diet rich in empty calories and fat.

Foods that contain empty calories are those foods that provide you with short-term energy needs, but that do not provide any nutrients or benefits to your body.

Fats have been linked to memory loss

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for brain health. However, there are other types of fats, and these are not the ones that experts recommend. If fatty acids are essential for a healthy memory, the fats in processed foods are a real nightmare when it comes to brain health.

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Sunflower oil also seems to be forbidden by specialists, especially if it is consumed in excess. To prevent memory decline, experts suggest substituting foods rich in healthy fats.

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