EBay sued Amazon to "steal" sellers on its platform


The electronic auction and the eBay auction portal today filed a lawsuit against Amazon for allegedly contacting sellers who promote products on its platform to transfer their offers to the e-commerce giant.

In the complaint filed with the California Supreme Court in Santa Clara County, the company ensures that Amazon representatives contacted eBay's messaging function with sellers and offered to change exhibitors.

According to the letter, these practices were part of a "warp plan" by its competitors to "infiltrate and exploit eBay's internal e-mail system" in Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Australia, Singapore and the United States. UU.

According to the company based in San Jose (California) there have been cases where Amazon has achieved its goal and sellers have changed their platform merchandising.
Earlier this month, eBay has already publicly complained about this practice that it considered "illegal" and revealed that it had sent a letter to its competitors asking for an end to this type of activity.

"We found an illegal and disturbing stratagem on Amazon's part, and we asked them to put an end to this illegal activity and we will take steps to protect eBay," they said from the company.

One of the sellers contacted by Amazon was the one who alerted the Californian company in September, before which he opened an investigation and identified at least 50 representatives of Amazon who had sent hundreds of messages to merchants in recent years.

In addition to selling its products, Amazon offers Internet users third-party products that use the platform to promote themselves and as a distribution channel.


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