ECHO BUNDESLIGY: Union is a blast! Zidane instead of Nagelsmann?

“There is a lot of criticism of Bayern in Germany. Three draws and most recently a loss to Augsburg in the last four matches was probably not expected by anyone. Thank God he won the Champions League, if not, maybe coach Julian Nagelsmann would be gone by now. Crucially, however, general manager Oliver Kahn is clearly behind him. They have two weeks to get together.

Bayern didn’t play badly against Augsburg, but they are let down by not converting chances. The Nagelsmann question is definitely being resolved, names like Zinedine Zidane or Thomas Tuchel are falling. The pressure on the club is huge, and Naglesmann himself contributed to it in the last interview, when you could feel his helplessness. But I believe it’s only a matter of time before Bayern explodes.

What if the coach really quit? Zidane is a huge name, he was a great player and he is a great coach. But he certainly refused the offer. I think it is good to have a coach who speaks his native language, here it is Tuchel. He knows the Bundesliga environment perfectly, but I’m not sure he would get the nod here either. If the question of Bayern’s new coach was really addressed, there would definitely be more names.

Union on top? Continuous work

We also have the Revierdebry between Dortmund and Schalke, which never has a favorite. But Dortmund deservedly won, even if only 1:0. If Schalke don’t have a shot on target in 90 minutes, they can’t expect to get points.

The driving force behind Union is striker Sheraldo Becker. He has made a huge name for himself and it is only a matter of time before he leaves the club. Everyone is curious as to how long the form from Berlin will last. Defeats will surely come and then his true strength will be revealed.

After the international break, there will be a spicy match between Bayern and Leverkusen. Both teams are in crisis, although Bayern is visibly better off. Leverkusen absolutely did not manage the last game against Bremen. They played good football, but they are not effective. It is important that they get together. Augsburg showed them how they can compete with Bayern. It’s hard even for coach Seoane, because the tow is on fire…we know why.”

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