Echoes of the success of “Big Oi 6” reach the Korean media because of the “Squid game”

It seems that the echoes of the episodes of the series “The Big Oi 6”, which witnessed a simulation of the famous Korean series “Squid game”; It did not spread within the Arab world only, but also spread in some of the Korean media that were keen to comment on these episodes.

Echoes of the success of “Big Oi 6” reach the Korean media

The Egyptian ambassador to Korea, Khaled Abdel Rahman, had posted a post on his Facebook account, in which he said: “I hosted a breakfast party for a group of friends and representatives of Korean companies and authorities, among whom was the Secretary-General of the Korean-Arab Association, and among them was also a Korean journalist, so she mentioned the Egyptian series that Showing scenes from the squid game, and that these scenes came within the events of the 7th episode of the series Al-Kabir Awe, and Makki’s appearance with the people of Mazarita in the squid game.

The highlight of ‘Big Oi 6’ because of the ‘Squid game’ scenes

Khaled Abdel Rahman continued in his blog: “It is the scene taken from the Korean series Squid game, whose main story revolves around a group of people participating in the series of deadly games to win a financial prize, which happened with the great Aoi in a comic way .. The Korean press paid attention to this and published news about She also referred to the special customs and traditions of Ramadan in Egypt, which make it distinct from the rest of the Arab and Islamic countries, and the Egyptians’ love for watching soap operas.

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Information about the sixth season of “The Big Oy 6”

For her part, Sarah Hejres, one of the participants in the writing team of the famous Egyptian series, repeated; He posted that post on her Facebook account, and commented on it witty and said: “And countries will understand this, how is it?”

It is worth noting that the series “Al Kabeer Away” starring Ahmed Makki and Rahma Ahmed Farag, Bayoumi Fouad, Mohamed Salam, Hisham Ismail, Samaa Ibrahim, the child Abdel Rahman Ahmed Taha, Hatem Salah, Mustafa Gharib and others, directed by Ahmed El Gendy.

Photos from Ahmed Mekky’s account and videos of the series on YouTube

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