Economic thriller about Africa’s richest woman continues


Zu A flash visit Isabel dos Santos reportedly rushed to Lisbon on Thursday. The richest woman in Africa, who also has Portuguese citizenship, is apparently trying to save what can still be saved there. The allegations against her are “extremely misleading and untrue,” she said. At the same time, the Angolan Attorney General met with his Portuguese colleague in Lisbon to coordinate further investigations into the Angolan billionaire. The Angolan judiciary accuses the daughter of President José Eduardo dos Santos, who has ruled for decades, of illegally enriching himself and demands her back $ 1.1 billion. Now the “Luanda Leaks”, documents that were leaked to a consortium of journalists, revealed new details about their business conduct.

After the Angolan attorney general formally opened investigations into money laundering and embezzlement against Isabel dos Santos and three other Portuguese on Wednesday, the events rushed: one of the suspects was found dead in the garage of his house in Lisbon. First indications point to suicide, but the investigators allegedly do not rule out murder. The 45-year-old banker was the head of retail banking at the Portuguese EuroBic bank, in which Isabela dos Santos, previously held 42.5 percent of the shares through two holding companies. He also had her account with the financial institution: According to press reports, around 52 million euros were transferred from there to an offshore account at the end of 2017 – shortly before, the government of the new Portuguese president João Lourenço had sold her as head of the state-owned Angolan oil company Sonangol ,

MEPs: ‘blind’ to dos Santos

Now there could be little left of their Portuguese holdings. The EuroBic CEO, the former Portuguese finance minister Teixeira dos Santos, has already announced the separation from the previous main shareholder. Thereafter, Isabela dos Santos also withdrew from two other companies in which she has a stake. Initially, three Portuguese withdrew from the board of directors of the Portuguese telecommunications company NOS, who are considered to be Isabel dos Santos’ confidants and whom she had appointed herself: the Angolan judicial authorities are investigating Paula Oliveira and Mário Leite da Silva. Her lawyer Jorge Brito Pereira also withdrew from the body.

On Friday, the Angolan businesswoman announced that she would give up her majority stake in the largest Portuguese electrical company “Efacec Power Solutions”. Mário Leite da Silva resigned as Chairman of the Board. It also has an indirect stake in the energy provider Galp.



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