Ecosh manager Aistė Pranukevičienė: “We aim for the products to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers”

„Ecosh“ an Estonian food supplement brand that has been operating in Lithuania for over three years. What is the history of the emergence of Ecosh in our country?

Getting to know Ecosh took place in 2019 in the spring when I was living with my family in Tallinn, Estonia. I was on maternity leave at the time, and when my child got sick, I was looking for good bacteria at the pharmacy – a supplement with an extremely rich composition caught my eye. That was it „Ecosh“. At home, I began to delve deeper into the composition of all products, and since I had experience, I began to study the Lithuanian market. I worked in trade for many years, analyzing brands – this time I got the feeling that I had found something special.

How are Ecosh products created, how are raw materials selected? Do you have examples of collaboration with scientists?

A growing product development team collaborates with renowned researchers, doctors and universities in their field to create product recipes a lot of work was done together with Tallinn University of Technology, Tartu Biomedical Institute and their researchers. Doctors, naturopaths, nutritionists and more become advisors. Of course, all production is certified and supervised by state institutions in Estonia and Lithuania, and raw materials and products are constantly tested in independent laboratories and in the laboratory at our factory.

Ecosh supplements use natural pullulan capsules. What are their characteristics?

Pullulan capsules are transparent, thin, obtained by fermentation of natural pure starch, so they are biodegradable, easily digestible. We aim for vegetarians and vegans to use our products, such capsules meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.

Ecosh nutritional supplements are eye-catching with their tasteful appearance – what are the most important aspects you take into account when designing products?

First, functionality. We aim to provide the user with clear, comprehensible information about the ingredients and their effects. Second, sustainability the packaging is made of recycled glass, and the supplements are not packaged in a separate box, and all information is provided on the product label.

Which products in the “Ecosh” range are the most popular, which attract the greatest interest of buyers?

Seasonality is strongly felt in our activities. In the cold period, people pay more attention to strengthening immunity, in the spring there is an interest in beauty-enhancing supplements. In the summer, we move more, so magnesium and joint supplements become relevant.

Among the most popular products since the early days are Pau d’Arco for immunity and cold prevention, as well as Ashwagandha for the nervous system, the increased need of which we especially feel in recent years. Among our best-selling supplements are extremely high-quality fish oil “OOMEX”, good bacteria – probiotics, as well as bioactive, well-absorbed zinc, selenium, iron, folate supplements.

Any feedback on the quality of the products and efficiency you get from customers?

We get quite a lot of feedback, over 1200 feedbacks have been left on the website alone in three years of operation. If we count incoming private messages, the number is even higher. I would also like to emphasize that the reviews found on our Ecosh e. only customers who purchased products through our website are left in the store – this way new users can get an impression of how the product works.

Not only the number of reviews is pleasing, but also their content – the vast majority of customers are satisfied with Ecosh’s products and service. Of course, it is rare, but there are situations when the customer has complaints, then we always look for the best solution for the customer. We value each of our customers, maintaining the high quality of products and delivery is extremely important to us, and we pay a lot of attention to this.


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