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On the occasion of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, 7is Festival of Beauty for Unity will be held in Paris from January 11 to January 13, bringing together Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox around the sacred art.

Cinema, singing, painting, comics: all the artistic fields will be in the spotlight at the parish of Saint-Ferdinand des Ternes and at Espace 16, in 17is Paris arrondissement, on the occasion of the Festival of Beauty for Unity, which will be held from 11 to 13 January. For this 7is edition, organized as each year on the occasion of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, works of art by twenty artists from France but also from China, Korea, Germany or even from Ukraine will be exhibited. Three painters will be the guests of honor of this festival, whose theme is "Happy peacemakers". The artists Malel and Wolfram exhibit one of their works, as well as Michael Lonsdale, headliner of the festival.

This ecumenical event is brought this year by three religious leaders: Father Stanislas Lemerle, parish priest of Saint-Ferdinand des Ternes, which hosts most of the event, pastor Louis Pernot of the Temple of the Star and father Georges Sheshko, Orthodox priest of the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity.

During the three days of the festival, admission and financial participation are free, many debates will be interspersed with musical interludes and concerts, films and testimonies. Meals can also be shared. Among the important interventions on Saturday, Father Bertrand Lesoing, art historian and member of the Saint-Martin community, will conduct a reflection on beauty, before an evening concert, the Russian choir of the cathedral of the Saint-Trinité. Last Sunday, a debate on cinema, while Christian subjects have inspired many films in 2018, will take place at Espace 16 where the last day of the festival will take place.

Julien Tranié


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