EDF subsidizes the replacement of oil boilers


The electrician abounds in the government award for customers who install a heat pump.

This is called taking the ball. After the government announced a few weeks ago about the abolition of oil-fired boilers by 2828, EDF decided to financially help families to switch to electric heating with the installation of a heat pump. .

The group announced on Thursday 6 December the introduction of a bonus " thrust »That will abound 50% increase energy savings From the government. The overall aid will therefore be 4,500 euros for the most modest families and 3,000 euros for the others. And if the customer decides to have his heat pump installed by Cham, a subsidiary of EDF, it benefits from a 15% discount on the first year of the maintenance contract.

A high investment cost

" People will be able to make the economy free of fuel in three years He said Jean-Bernard Lévy, the president of EDF, interviewed on RTL on Thursday 6 December. The government is replacing 300,000 boilers of oil annually by 2027. But the electrician does not provide figures.

Heat pumps capture calories in the air and in the soil and supply them through fluid systems. It has a very advantageous carbon footprint: up to 90% less CO2 emissions than fuel oil and 75% less than natural gas or propane, says EDF . The installation cost is rather high. The bill starts at around € 8,000 but can triple or quadruple if the pump is coupled with geothermal energy.

The French electricity system is "without margin"

Gas against electricity

The end of diesel, with which almost 10 million French people are heating up, obviously opens up new prospects for operators, in a context of strong competition between energies, in particular gas. " Half of the oil boilers are in gas areassays Patrick Corbin, president of the French Gas Association (AFG). According to him, moving to natural gas or propane, families can make an immediate saving of 30%.

" Although it remains more expensive than other energies, electricity is regaining market share in France, especially in the new Xavier Pinon, the managing director of the Selectra comparator, observes.

But the introduction of this EDF heat pump bonus has another explanation. The group is obliged, like its competitors, to deposit energy saving certificates (EEC) under penalty of financial penalties. Of course, he must find the maximum amount of work to be done by his customers.

Jean-Claude Bourbon


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