Edinson Cavani causes a scandal in Manchester United after the elimination in the Champions League

After being left out of the Champions League in the group stage, Manchester United fans were enraged at Edinson Cavani for his post-match attitudes.

December 10, 2020 · 09:20 hs

Once again, Manchester United failed again on a continental level and continues to repeat the same history that condemns it since the departure of Alex Ferguson as manager of the team, since since then he has not been able to maintain the same course as when the Scotsman led it.

Coming third in their group, the Red Devils will play the rest of the season in the UEFA Europa League, which will serve as a consolation prize, although the fans were excited to raise the Orejona again.

After the game lost to Leipzig, the fans began to blame all their players and the coaching staff, so no one was saved, not even Edinson Cavani, who was not even part of the concentration that traveled to Germany.

The Uruguayan was shown on his social networks drinking mates, calm at home after the catastrophic defeat. His publications took on great importance and criticism of him did not take long to arrive, asking him to return to training as quickly as possible in order to change the image of his team.


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