Edison's offense continues to hum in an easy victory over Jefferson


The Edison girls' basketball team bench was occupied on Friday, resembling a game of musical chairs when the trainer Dianne Lewis revolved the players early and often.

It's easy to get everyone involved when a team is as deep as the Eagles.

The offense of the Eagle, led by Virginia University and chief guard Carole Miller, has been a power this season, and buzzed again when Edison scored a 77-53 victory over Jefferson in a match between the rivals of District 5.

"We can put people in and out of the game and not have big abandonments, and we can keep the same energy," Miller said. "It's really nice for us to have depth on the bench".

Miller scored 20 points, while second-year wing Celeste Castma and junior guard Aurea Gingras reached double-digit to help Edison move to 11-1. With a 5-0 district record, he is the last undefeated team left.

The striker Mallory Brodnik had 19 points, surpassing 1,000 for his career, for Jefferson (9-6, 3-2).

The Eagles arrived in Friday's meeting with an average of 68 points per game and were an offensive threat, regardless of who is on the pitch.

"In every night, it can be someone else to score with Carole," Lewis said. "Carole will have her points, but when we will arrive [Castma] or one of our guards who scores the highest score, feels really good and it is difficult to protect him because you do not know who to participate. "

Castma perhaps stood out more for the Eagles, scoring 14 points, a short of his career high, while sinking two points. The second year of more than 6 feet, which did not have much time as a freshman and on average only two points per game last year, has become a key producer off the table.

"Having more confidence in my shot and having the guards be able to see me and pass the ball," said Castma of his arrival this season.

While Edison's success is largely due to his roster, Miller said that the chemistry and energy of the Eagles helped them maintain momentum. It was clear before the game, when the team exploded in laughter during a loud rebound song. And it was clear during the game, when the precision passage of the Eagles led to easy baskets.

The Eagles will try to conquer their tenth consecutive victory on Tuesday against Wakefield.

Although Lewis said that she would like to see her players become "tougher", she was proud of what she was able to achieve so far.

"It's a large group of young women, both on and off the court," said Lewis. "I think it really contributes to what we do in the field".


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