Édouard Philippe announced "an increase of over 3%"? – The Republican Lorraine


"On January 1, we will have an increase of more than 3% net smic," the prime minister said Tuesday morning before announcing the suspension of several unpopular fiscal measures on fuel and energy.

Smile will increase by 3% on January 1, even if the government has just refused any increase in the minimum wage?

In fact, it is necessary to take the whole statement of Édouard Philippe to get to such a figure: the Prime Minister has added the effects of several measures already effective and the mechanical increase of the smic.

On January 1, 2018 and October 1, the executive completely eliminated unemployment and sickness contributions – almost 3.15% of contributions. In parallel, the CSG had increased by 1.7 points. In the end, the payroll increase represents 1.45% of the "gain".

Finally, the activity bonus (which replaces the RSA and the employment bonus) is a new measure for employees (in particular) the poorest – including salaried employees.

By adding these measures and the "automatic" increase in the smic scheduled for January 1, the prime minister could announce a 3% increase in the minimum net salary. With the abolition, by 2020, of the tax on housing for all, the government even counts on the equivalent of a "thirteenth month" for employees of the smic.

On the other hand, the increase in the smic from 1 January 2019 should be around 2%. The minimum gross hourly wage, currently at 9.88 euros, will exceed 10 euros for the first time.

More than a month, it should reach 1528 euros gross for a full time (151.67h / month), compared to 1498 euros today.

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