Edouard Philippe, who has "the confidence of the president", will not resign


Just over 24 hours after the announcement of the cancellation of his moratorium, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe was the guest 20h of TF1.

Despite the relative disavowal for the head of government, caused by the announcement of the definitive renunciation of the increase of the fuel tax – and not the six-month suspension – Edouard Philippe has clearly announced that he will not resign. It will be necessary to wait until the end of the interview for this hypothesis to be swept away: the prime minister estimates to work with "The trust of the president". And to specify: "This is what matters to me."

Not surprisingly, he confirmed that the increase in fuel tax "It's not in the 2019 budget" and admits that she "Crystallized rage". He therefore presents himself as a supporter of "This gesture of pacification".

Seriously, however, Edouard Philippe has also expressed concern about the event scheduled for Saturday 8 and requires "Walk on the Elysee", and facing the deterioration of the situation between yellow jackets threatened because they were invited to Matignon, or thugs who no longer hesitate – recalling the case of Puy-en-Velay on Saturday 1 – to set a prefecture on fire while officials are still present 39; internal. "It's not really France that we want" deplores the head of government, but assures that "The Republic is solid".

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However, two unpublished information was provided by Edouard Philippe during this interview. Firstly, the social partners will meet on Friday 7 to discuss possible measures to increase purchasing power and in particular "The payment of a premium from employers to employees, which would be exempt". A project with outlines that are still vague and just punctual. Secondly, the Prime Minister announced a significant strengthening of the security arrangements scheduled for Saturday 8. While the figure of 65,000 policemen and gendarmes had been advanced, it will eventually be 89,000 men (including 8,000 in Paris) who will provide security "Goods and people". The goal is to absolutely avoid the black scenario mentioned by Elisha the day before, that of"Great violence" in the streets with "Several thousand people" come for "Break and kill".

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