EDPR inaugurates its first hybrid project in Poland with a 45 MW photovoltaic park

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EDP ​​Renewables (EDPR) has officially inaugurated in Poland its first hybrid project in the countrywhich combines wind and solar energy, with the commissioning of a new 45 megawatt (MW) photovoltaic park in Konary, in western central Poland.

As reported by the company on Tuesday in a statement, this project is also the third hybrid project implemented by EDPR globally.

“The Konary project is an innovative example in Poland and even in Central and Eastern Europe of the use of hybridization, that is, the shared use of the existing connection infrastructure by various sources of renewable energy with complementary operational profiles”, underlined the company.

The Konary PV park will use the same receiving station to which the 79.5 MW Pawlowo wind farm, also owned by EDPR, is connected.

The company has explained that the total connection power of the substation will not change, because the two technologies will produce energy in a complementary way, when its resource is more abundant, “maximizing” the renewable electricity that is supplied to the network. The operation will be supervised by algorithms.

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