Eduardo Duhalde: “Argentina has become a garbage dump because of everyone”

Radio Miter Very early Saturday

October 17, 2020 9:06

The former president questioned the crack and assured that all leaders have to work together to move the country forward.

Eduardo Duhalde: “Argentina has become a garbage dump because of everyone”

The ex-president Eduardo Duhalde gave his opinion about the political, social and economic reality that the country is going through and declared that “Argentina has become a garbage dump because of everyone”.

In that sense, he questioned the rift between the political leadership and called on all sectors to work together “to move the country forward.”

On a new anniversary of Loyalty Day, the ex-president assured that the unity of Peronism “is not enough” and urged the “National unity” to face the crisis the country is going through.

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“That is the task that I have set myself. Whoever wins rules, but whoever loses must also rule. They do not realize the suffering of the people, ”said Duhalde.

In addition, in statements to Radio MiterHe stressed that he who “thinks differently is not an enemy” and reiterated that “there is no way out for Argentina if the leaders continue to fight.”

On the other hand, when asked about the criticism of Mauricio Macri, He considered that “he has every right to say whatever he wants or whatever he wants” because “that is democracy.” However, he questioned whether it refers to the past because it is “unchangeable” and added: “Those who are elected to govern do not have to talk about the past.”

In this sense, he insisted on the need to “create a great coalition” to agree on two or three issues and “move the country forward”, and considered “Essential” to vote on transparency and anti-corruption laws.

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“We have to capitalize on the European experience. Latin America is a huge space eaten away by corruption ”, he declared.

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Finally, he stated that “Argentina produces much less than it has to produce” because “there is no productive DNA in the leadership.” “The peoples come out of these situations by working and producing, and for that you have to build trust,” he concluded.

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