The former president in «The Night is Just Begins» He demanded consensus among all political forces at this moment in the pandemic.

In the first place, he opined that the leadership of the Executive Power must “take care of itself, there is no head that can withstand so many psychological impacts and be undamaged, it is impossible. They think they are superman and they are not. You have to take care of yourself », and commented on the President: «Alberto speaks very well, I advise him. He has to realize that he does not have the experience of governance, when Néstor governed, Néstor was the Chief of Staff, the Minister of Economy and he does not have the experience and surrounds himself with people who have no experience ».

“There are many people close to power who are sick of money,” he added, and said that “in this moment of such a great crisis, only two or three issues have to be covered, and the most important is productivity and they don’t understand it.”

In reference to former President Kirchner, he stated: «With me, Nestor always got along very well. I came back from Spain to be president of Mercosur, he called me and asked me ».

In turn, Duhalde commented: “The problem is not what we owe, but what we do not produce” and that “You have to understand that we have to govern all together at this time”. And made it clear that “Governing under one party is utter ridiculous, it’s old. It is necessary to get together, to go all together. This is what I did in the Province and when it was my turn to govern: I was with the UCR, Frepaso, it is the minimum that needs to be done. The situation is very difficult, we are ending in a megabarbarity.

[AUDIO] The Night Just Begins – Cooperativa la 770 – Sunday, September 20, 2020

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