World Eduardo Duhalde: "It was a disengagement from reality ...

Eduardo Duhalde: “It was a disengagement from reality …

“It was a disengagement from reality,” Eduardo Duhalde said by way of justification of what days ago had generated a real stir when he anticipated that there could be a coup against Alberto Fernández. Now aware of what his sayings had produced, the former president clung to an alleged consequence of the pandemic by arguing that “it produces psychotic attitudes and, never like now, do you see people saying things that in their right mind would not say them.” In any case, he did not abandon the theory of the coup when he maintained that the version of a possible military coup was confided to him by a military friend.

Last Monday, in a program on América 24, Duhalde was firm and sure in maintaining, with a hint of irony, that next year there would be no elections and that the coup was a great possibility. What’s more, he foreshadowed that “a worse climate than the ‘everyone’s gone'” of 2001 “is going to be generated as it could end in a kind of civil war,” he said, and controversy broke out.

Two days later, and again on the same channel, Duhalde appeared again. Perhaps aware of what his statements had caused, he said that his was “a response linked to the momentary loss of the mind that disengages from reality,” he said, leaning dangerously close to the figure of the insane. “I shouldn’t have said,” he added.

However, Duhalde’s pseudo-psychiatric justification seemed to fade when he delved into the account of how he reached that conclusion. “What does a former president have to do if a person in whom he has a lot of confidence tells him that they are preparing a coup,” he asked defensively.

Then he said that the possible riot was blown by “a gentleman from the Army” and that he immediately decided to convey what he had heard from Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. According to Duhalde, she referred him to Defense Minister Agustín Rossi.

“When they tell me that, I wanted to locate Rossi, I couldn’t do it, I call Cristina, I tell her this is happening and she told me: ‘go immediately to see Rossi’ and on July 18 I went to see him. I told her exactly what I knew and he told me: ‘Eduardo I am absolutely convinced that the Armed Forces are defending the democratic system, but I am going to find out,’ “Duhalde said.

From there, the former president’s account re-entered a complex area when he refused to identify the military man who had transferred the information to him. First, he said that he had told Rossi and then added that “I cannot tell what I said to the minister for elementary reasons. Imagine that he is an Army man who is undercover today, he is a Peronist, so he is afraid that there will be a coup”. He said.

He then pointed out that the information he had received caused him “fear because, unlike the majority, I lived, -was the municipal mayor of Lomas de Zamora- the 1976 coup with extraordinary drama. Many people lived it with a lot of drama, no only (for having) missing children, but also feel thousands of prodded, “he added.

Finally, the former president indicated that “since I have a panic about the coup, then I start to think, I see the advance of militarism in Latin America and it begins to scare me more. That obviously produces that effect on me. My daughter will He said to my granddaughter, Dad had a moment, a disengagement from reality and said what he didn’t have to say, “he said.



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