Education: holding an exam for those who apply in the 30 thousand teachers competition and meet the conditions

Responsible sources at the Ministry of Education and Technical Education said that everyone who applies for a competition 30 thousand teachers For which the door to apply will be opened soon, an exam will be held for all those who meet the conditions, explaining that passing the exam is the first stage of selection, where there are several controls and conditions for differentiation, the first of which is passing the exam held in the majors and also includes questions related to technology to measure the graduate’s skills, in addition According to the estimate obtained by the applicant, the priority of contracting with respect to age will also be determined.

The sources indicated that the appointment will be at the beginning of the next academic year 2022-2023, noting that the appointment will be made on the minimum wage.

The sources added that all stages of the competition will be conducted electronically without the intervention of any human element, especially exams and comparison, in addition to the basic application stage, adding that there is no differentiation for any category applying, whether those who previously worked in the quota or volunteering, but everyone gets the same opportunity, whether in Comparison or appointment, saying: There will be no mediation, favoritism, or interference from anyone to choose a graduate at the expense of another.

The sources stressed that the ministry needs teachers with great ability, professionalism, and self-confidence that suits the great development taking place in Egyptian education, as well as the ability to deal with modern teaching methods and technology that have been introduced into the education system. The teacher must also have the desire for rapid development that It happens constantly in education.

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