Education. Opening of a homework space at the L’Arboré-Sens social center

“This is not a support course or homework help in the strict sense of the word”, immediately specifies Julia Gérard, the coordinator of the social center.

“We suggest to middle school and high school students who wish to do their homework in a room at L’Arboré-Sens, 205 avenue Louis-Buffet, in the Murget district. The idea is to allow them to do their homework in a place other than the duty rooms or the house. Alone or in a group, if they wish, young people who have difficulty doing their homework can find a suitable environment and the presence of an adult here. We also provide them with the Internet if necessary. Given the confinement, we thought about offering them an alternative to school and home, it also makes them an outing for Wednesday afternoon. “But be careful”, she warns, “the goal is not to do their work but to read the textbook together, at best to help them understand the instructions well”.

Conditions conducive to work

This is exactly what Mélodie, the first registered for these Wednesday homework, needs. “I can’t get into it seriously and focus if I don’t have an adult following me. At home, there can be temptations for entertainment, whereas here I am really immersed in my work ”.

The homework area at L’Arboré-Sens will be open until the Christmas holidays, every Wednesday from 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. and at the start of the 2021 school year if the formula appeals. “We have other ideas and other projects for the period up to the February holidays for the youth sector,” adds Julia Gérard.

Information and registration in the homework area on 03 29 37 41 42 or 06 88 08 99 79. Prices: free for members and € 2 for non-members.

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