Edwin Cardona: “The dream of returning to Boca is intact”

The Colombian Edwin Cardona may have belonged to the Boca squad that became champion in the recent Super League, but finally his return did not materialize and now he plays in Xolos de México.

The midfielder, in dialogue with As Colombia, recalled his frustrated transfer in the last pass market and assured that “The dream of returning to Boca is intact.”

“98 percent was settled, but personal issues happened and we did not reach an agreement”, Cardona expressed and explained: “Something unexpected happened with my son and that stopped the hiring a little, but then personal issues happened for which we did not reach an agreement but the dream of returning remains intact.”

“I am very calm. With the desire and the desire to return to Boca, many things are missed”, assured the Colombian footballer, 27, who played in Boca between June 2017 and December 2018.

The discussions between Boca and Cardona were, as indicated by the player, very advanced. However, when it seemed that everything was closed, he fell.

In the middle of the talks, it was said that Cardona had suffered an accident with a motorcycle that caused her to fracture her wrist: “That the person who has photos or videos that show that I fell from a motorcycle that shows them. They can speculate a lot of things but the only person who knows what happened was me. And my family. We are all human beings, something can happen to all of us. I was riding a bicycle with my son, who was going to fall for another reckless bicycle. When I took it, it was that my hand and wrist flew away, but it didn’t get any older, ”said the Colombian.

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Cardona also came close to signing with Al-Ahli from the United Arab Emirates and even traveled to close his contract. He did not, and eventually returned to Mexico to play in Tijuana.


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