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The president of the Peruvian Federcalcio (FPF), Edwin Oviedo, was detained for a preliminary ten days for his alleged membership in the criminal organization "Los Cuellos Blancos del Puerto". The employer must respond to the payments he would make to the former supreme judge César Hinostroza in exchange for judicial favors.

1. The role of Oviedo in the criminal network
According to the hypothesis of the prosecutor Rocío Sánchez, who is included in the resolution of the National Criminal Appeal Chamber, Edwin Oviedo It is part of the "third level of corruption" of "Los Cuellos Blancos del Puerto". The role of the entrepreneur within the network, according to the investigation, is to "solve" the head of this, the former supreme judge César Hinostroza, "with gifts".

Sánchez also indicates that Oviedo used his position as president of the Peruvian Football Association "to seek the expansion of the corruption network, maintain hegemony and impunity".

"Los Cuellos Blancos del Puerto" consisted of three levels: the first network or external network, made up of trial lawyers and businessmen who had been favored in judicial proceedings; the second network or internal network, supplemented by administrative and judicial staff of the Superior Court of Callao, where the suspended judge Walter Ríos operated; and the third where they were senior officials.

2. The favors he has received from Hinostroza
The public Ministry not only attributes to Edwin Oviedo the alleged crime of the criminal organization, but also the specific active corruption, because it would be committed to Hinostroza to deliver the tickets for the qualifications to the World Championships in Russia 2018 "in order to obtain judicial favors".

According to the sentence, one of these was the Supreme Court n. 326-2016, issued by the Second Transitory Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court, composed of Hinostroza, who declared the protection of the rights deposited by the owner of the founded FPF. With this measure, the Supreme Court handed over to the Prosecutor of Chiclayo, who is investigating Oviedo for the "Los Wachiturros de Tumán" case, five days to correct his investigation.

Prosecutor Sánchez also stated in his request that Hinostroza had advised Oviedo in filing the amparo case in April of this year, in which he asked to be excluded from the proceedings for the alleged murder of murder qualified by the events that occurred. . in the Tumán sugar mill. This appeal was declared inadmissible at the beginning of October.

The public ministry presented as proof of this advice an email sent by the president of the FPF to the business man Antonio Camayo.

3. More than US $ 18,000 in tickets
Edwin Oviedo, according to an effective declaration of collaboration No. 409-2018, he paid the 24 tickets used by César Hinostroza and his relatives to take part in the three games that the Peruvian soccer team played in the World Cup in Russia. In total it has covered $ 5,040. The witness explained that the former supreme judge paid his tickets through a third party to avoid raising suspicions, but then the money was repaid by the president of the FPF.

The same contributor noted that Oviedo, through Camayo, donated 5,000 soles to Gloria Gutiérrez Chapa, wife of the former supreme member, at the Jorge Chávez International Airport, before traveling to Russia.

The informant reported that César Hinostroza participated with his family "to all parts" that the Peruvian team played in Lima in the last qualifications. The cost of these tickets was 13 thousand dollars, also at the expense of the head of national football.

But these were not the only gifts that Edwin Oviedo had given to the former supreme judge, but they also favored him with physical therapies at the Villa Deportiva Nacional (Videna) and with the monthly payment of 3,300 soles.

4. Links with Fuerza Popular
The public ministry attributed it to Edwin Oviedo "Being connected" with members of Fuerza Popular, "to whom I would have provided tickets in exchange for political protection" to continue leading the Peruvian Football Federation.

5. Strong possibility of loss and impediment
The Court of Criminal Appeal considered, on one of the grounds, that the elements presented by the prosecutor's office "show that there is a strong possibility of escape" and an obstacle to the action of justice from part Edwin Oviedo.

He added that the president of the FPF "committed the crimes attributed to him (criminal organization, specific active corruption and smuggling of influence) with the clear purpose of hindering the action of justice" in the case "Los Wachiturros de Tumán", " The situation that is possible can be repeated in this preliminary preliminary investigation ".

Bonus track
The request made by the prosecutor Rocío Sánchez to proceed to the preliminary arrest Edwin Oviedo, president of the FPF, for his alleged belonging to the criminal organization "Los Cuellos Blancos del Puerto" was admitted in the second instance, after initially the judge of the third National Court of preparatory investigation rejected him.

Sánchez, in his appeal, argued that the judge did not adequately assess the evidence that was brought to his knowledge or the "imminent danger of evasion" of the defendants in the investigation.



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