Edyta Herbuś showed hot photos with her partner

Edyta Herbuś rarely boasts of photos with a partner online. Now she really freaked out. She revealed a lot of body and showed hot frames with her beloved.

Edyta Herbus She has been involved in show business for years. She gained popularity thanks to the program Dancing with the Stars. Over time, she became one of the biggest stars of the format loved by viewers, and was even more recognizable than her partners from the dance floor. The dancer did not have to wait long for further job offers. She began to realize herself as a presenter and actress. She appeared in the series, among others On Wspólnawhether in Clan.

The dancer could never complain about the lack of work. Her private life has been going great for several years. Her partner is Piotr Bukowiecki. The man was previously associated with Dorothy Gardiaswith whom he had a daughter, Hania. The girl has a fantastic relationship with her stepmother, and Edyta also liked her partner’s older children, i.e. Vivienne and Melchior. Siblings are the fruit of his marriage to Karolina Rosińska.

Edyta Herbuś in hot photos with her partner

Until recently, Edyta rarely uploaded photos to the network where she could be seen with her partner. Over time, this began to change, and now more and more fans are witnessing such scenes. In front of our camera, she also mentioned her dream wedding.

I’ve thought about what my dream wedding would be like for me. For me, a dream wedding is one that will be close to nature and loved ones. It may be that someday, completely stealthily, I will deal with my beloved, a handful of family friends and allow myself such madness.

Edyta Herbuś in hot photos with her partner

The star and her beloved flew to Vietnam for a joint holiday. There is no shortage of high temperatures and sunshine, which they definitely take advantage of. The dancer has just uploaded a photo to the network where you can see her in a very skimpy outfit. She is cuddled up to her beloved, and in the post she described how incompatible they are.

Perfectly mismatched. My boyfriend doesn’t like taking pictures, I do. Sometimes I manage to “steal” a moment together … I like to capture “frames from life” in photos and come back to them later joyfully.
Yes, that’s what makes us different too: I am sentimental and like to “be in the clouds”, and HE brings me down to earth, reminding me of the wisdom of being in the HERE and NOW. I still make (supposedly) a mess, and he likes perfect order around him. We also have a challenge in the temperature difference, because I want a warm one, and he turns on the air conditioning and fans because he is still hot – she wrote.

However, it is impossible not to pay attention to Edyta’s insane figure. In a hot climate, she jumped into a very skimpy swimsuit that revealed all her assets. I have to admit it looks wrong.

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