EH Bildu will announce its candidate for lehendakari on February 3 or 17


EH Bildu will announce the name of its candidate for next lehendakari February 3, or 17 if there is more than one applicant and an electoral campaign was necessary and to consult the militancy. The sovereign coalition started on Monday the process to designate the people who will integrate the electoral lists for the Basque elections that must be held this year, in October at the latest but with the possibility that the lehendakari, IƱigo Urkullu, forward them to before summer

The head of Institutional Policy, Marian Beitialarrangoitia, has refused to move forward if the training thinks of its general coordinator, Arnaldo Otegi, as headliner, after he could not head the lists in the 2016 elections after being disabled by the Supreme Court for having tried to rebuild the outlawed Batasuna. This impediment caused the candidate to end up being the journalist Maddalen Iriarte, current spokeswoman for EH Bildu in the Basque Parliament. The Otegi disqualification will not end until February 28, 2021. In any case, Beitialarrangoita has warned that the election “will not be conditioned by the judicial situations” of the possible candidates, but will be chosen “by the person we understand best can defend the interests of the Basque citizens.”

The abertzale leader has not wanted to anticipate if she will try to find agreements with the PSE and / or Podemos to try to snatch the presidency of the Basque Government from the PNV. “It is premature to talk about scenarios,” he stressed. Yes, he pointed out that EH Bildu is “the government alternative” to the PNV in Euskadi and that “has no problem reaching agreements with anyone”, as was demonstrated on Monday after reaching a pact with the Navarrese socialists that will allow approving the Budgets of the regional community, and with the PSE and Podemos in Irun to approve the Municipal Accounts.

The election process for the Basque elections will consist of several phases. In the first one, the person who will aspire to preside over the Basque Government will be appointed. On Monday, January 20, the deadline to submit applications, which will last until February 2. If there were only one applicant, the proclamation would be held on Monday, February 3. In case there were several alternatives, an electoral campaign would begin until day 13. Between the 14th and the 16th the voting would proceed by the militancy, and on the 17th the candidate would be announced.

Defined the headliner, that same February 17 would begin the process of choosing the people who would integrate the lists from Gipuzkoa, Bizkaia and Araba, with the opening of the phase of presentation of interested persons. Between March 2 and 4, the lists will be prepared, which will be voted between March 6 and 8. Monday 9 March will conclude the process with the final proclamation of the candidacies and the headliners for each of the three territories.



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