Eh, how! “J Jetrin” cancels attending the press conference Do netizens keep an eye on rumors? | Daily News

It can be said that it is becoming an issue that many people pay attention to. and watched a lot For the current rumors of a famous singer couple in the 90s divorcing their wives, causing many people to focus on Famous singers such as “J Jetrin” and “Pin Ketmanee” are the most watched right now. After such rumors, fans came together to monitor the couple’s social media. Ready to wait and see if it’s true or not. But both have not made any moves on this issue.

which later invited the media Participated in the press conference “GMM MUSIC X RS MUSIC”, the first official cooperation press conference!! of 2 major record labels GRAMMY and RS, and there is a list of young J Jetrin who will attend the press conference. until many people watched the first event after the rumors were linked

Most recently, on March 23, it was reported that J Jetrin refused to attend the press conference. Causing many people to keep an eye on whether there will be anything connected to the current news or not. Which must wait for Jay or Pin to clarify what happened Which if there is any movement via “Daily News Online” will report immediately..

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