Eigen Huis & Tuin returns in a new form

None other than Froukje de Both will be responsible for the presentation of the program. Own Home & Garden: Good Life will look different from what we are used to from the program. For example, the major renovations have been replaced by handy DIY jobs and cooking, beauty and leisure time are also discussed. “Everything to do with what you can do in and around the house”, Froukje explains to RTL Boulevard. Own Home & Garden: Good Life will offer the viewer daily inspiration for a good life in and around the house.

Besides Froukje we will also see other famous faces. She is supported by Hugo Kennis who is in the kitchen every working day. Tom Groot will also provide the viewer with useful facts and tips for the garden.

Own Home & Garden: Good Life can be seen on RTL 4 every working day around 5:00 PM from 31 August.

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