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Eight builders’ associations want to take part in the implementation of the Rail Baltica project

Kaspars Vingris, Chairman of the Board of the European Railway Line: “The combination of the expertise of local and foreign builders will benefit the project. There is intense competition for the right to build this extended section of Rail Baltica. As a customer, we will be able to choose the best offer in terms of quality and cost. Admittedly, in such a pandemic constraint, it was difficult for candidates to coordinate internationally and prepare a complex financial and technical offer. Hundreds of specialists are involved. Until the end of the year, the submitted tenders will be evaluated in order to conclude a contract for construction works and start construction works on one of the most difficult sections of the Rail Baltica route in Latvia next year. ”

Rail Baltica project implementer in Latvia – the company European Railway Lines in November 2019 announced an international tender in two rounds to find builders at the Rail Baltica station building at Riga International Airport, overpass, driveway, embankment, 6 km section of track and transport over K Ulmaņa gatve for construction. The object is very complicated, for example, in order to take up less space, the Rail Baltica railway and the station at the airport “Riga” will be located on the railway platform, which will be about 10 meters high. Such a building will be built in Latvia for the first time. Therefore, high qualification requirements were set for potential builders: experience in the construction of public buildings, railway tracks, as well as new roads. In order to qualify for the competition, applicants formed international associations combining the best competencies of Latvian and foreign construction specialists, and 11 applications were received for the first round from Latvian, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, French, Turkish and Austrian companies.

The competition took place in a tense time, affected by the Covid-19 virus pandemic, and its organizer, the European Railways, had provided opportunities for candidates to get to know the project and visit the site. For example, respecting the state of emergency declared in the country, the applicants could not get acquainted with this section of the route in person. A modern technological solution was found, and the candidates were able to get acquainted with the territory of the object using material filmed with a drone. A remote meeting of the candidates was also organized, and representatives of nine associations also inspected the site of the project in person, lifting the conditions of the virus emergency. However, recognizing the size and complexity of the project and referring to the proposal of the tenderers, the deadline for submission of technical and financial bids was extended to 15 September.

It was previously estimated that the total amount of the procurement could be 250 mln. – EUR 280 million within the euro.

The financiers of this project are the European Commission and the State of Latvia, the implementers are the European Railway Lines and RB Rail AS.

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