Eight provinces have a lower vaccination rate in Ecuador

The provinces with dispersed populations and far from urban centers are those that have less vaccinated with the complete scheme against covid-19. The disinterest and in other cases the endurance to be vaccinated persists.

Four provinces amazonian, three of the Coast and one of the Austro of Ecuador (Cañar) register a rate of complete vaccinations of less than 50% of their populations (see table).

This is displayed on the official vaccinometer of the Ministry of Health (MSP) until September 22, 2021.

Morona Santiago leads this list with just 35 vaccinated per 100 inhabitants, when the national average is 55. The health centers and vaccination points of this Amazonian province, as well as those of Zamora Chinchipe, they have little demand for a vaccine against covid-19.

Citizen disinterest is one of the causes of the low percentages of immunized.

But in addition to this, the towns are geographically distant from the cities where the inoculation points are located. To arrive with the vaccination, the provincial health directorates develop sporadic mobile brigades.

The greatest resistance to vaccination occurs in Shuar and Achuar indigenous populations by his own beliefs, explained one of the Morona canton doctors.

Difficult access to rural communities is also a brake on vaccination in the cantons Babahoyo, Baba and Montalvo, province of The rivers.

Since last week, after the detection of cases of the variants Delta and MuMSP brigades travel the distant enclosures of these towns, separated by streams.

The director of Health of this territory, Rebeca Herdoíza, adds another factor that affects the low figures: “In some sectors there are groups that do not have access to the vaccine for religious reasons. But we have entered with campaigns, explaining that all vaccines are safe and prevent complications from arising ”.

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Phoenix Plan in remote areas

Except The rivers and Santa Elena, the Government included the rest of the provinces that have not yet exceeded 50% inoculated in the Phoenix Plan, to reach the most difficult areas with vaccines.

Towards the goal, the authorities pledged to mobilize 3,000 military and all possible transport logistics to go to rural populations, isolated communities and peripheral urban areas.

With this and the vaccination of minors, it is sought that until the end of this 2021, it is covered with vaccines against covid-19 at the 85% of the population Ecuadorian, that is, to 15 million inhabitants.

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