Eighteen Supreme Court prosecutors sign a letter criticizing the attorney general for not defending them against lawfare

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A total of 18 prosecutors from the Criminal Section of the Supreme Court have signed a letter this Tuesday criticizing the attitude of the acting State Attorney General, Álvaro García Ortiz, who has avoided protecting the 1-O prosecutors against the accusations of lawfare agreed between the PSOE and Junts.

The prosecutors of the High Court show their “disappointment” in the “lack of will” of the attorney general “to confront the slanderous insinuations regarding the actions of the prosecutors who intervened in the criminal case known as the process and its derivatives, have been reflected in the investiture agreement signed by PSOE and Junts, known as lawfare“.

Last week, the prosecutors of the 1-O Chamber Fidel Cadena, Jaime Moreno, Consuelo Madrigal y Javier Zaragoza, they asked García Ortiz to speak out publicly in defense of the Public Prosecutor’s Office against accusations of a dirty judicial war against the independence movement. The attorney general refused to do so and this attitude is now criticized by the majority of criminal prosecutors at the Supreme Court.

“The communication sent by you on November 16 to all members of the Public Prosecutor’s Office has been nothing more than a way of deliberately ignoring the response to the very serious situation experienced by the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the request for protection formulated by the Prosecutors of the processfor themselves and for the Prosecutors of Catalonia, in the face of the unjustified attacks to which they are being subjected”, emphasize the TS prosecutors.

The signatories also show “their support for the work carried out by the Prosecutor’s Office in defense of legality and constitutional order” in the cases referring to the Catalan separatist challenge.

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