Einars Repše feels the role of an actor, filming in a domestic TV series

Former Prime Minister Einars Repše has fulfilled one of his long-standing dreams – to become an actor. At the beginning of the summer, in one of the episodes of the LMT series “Kolectivs”, which will be about the participants of the Song and Dance Festival, we will see the former Repši in the role of a conductor, reports the magazine “Kas Jauns”.

In a conversation with “Kas Jauns”, Einars Repše revealed that when he received an invitation to film from the director of the series Aivars Čivželis, aka Papa Chi, the former official accepted the invitation without hesitation, because he was always interested in cinema matters, and not only as an observer, but to be present and participate in the making of cinema. in process.

Ainars Repše tells the magazine: “I have always been interested in cinema and the work of an actor, but until now I could not afford to accept such an offer due to my busy schedule and working conditions.”

Now I am a free man and I can do what my heart desires. Therefore, I currently have more time for visual arts, music, and cinema.

“I would be very happy if you continue to invite me to film. Of course, I don’t have much practical experience in this genre, except if we take into account the thesis I mentioned at the beginning of the conversation – that all life is to some extent like theater.”

The series about the participants of the Song and Dance Festival “Kolectivs” will have eight episodes of the comedy-drama genre, created by eight directors.

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Einars Repše on the set. Photo: Lauris Vīksne/publicity

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