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The coach Adi Hütter sees his team "stable" despite the defeat against Wolfsburg. In defense but suggests a change.

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As a psychologist, Adi Hütter was not required after the end of the success story of Eintracht Frankfurt. "This should not happen after the first defeat after two months," said the coach before the guest appearance at Hertha BSC this Saturday (clock at 6.30pm). On the contrary: the players burn on their return to Berlin, where they had triumphed in the DFB Cup in May, to make amends for the 1: 2 of the previous week against VfL Wolfsburg.

The first defeat after eleven undefeated competitive games did not lead to a sense of uncertainty among Eintracht professionals, which is why Hütter is hoping for a good performance of his team. "It's about showing a reaction to defeat, which requires top performance from the first minute," said the Austrian.

"Do not run into the open knife"

The failure to appear at home last Sunday, the 48 year old has analyzed and lit small screws. His players have met open ears. "It's not like I use a trick to get the team back on track, but we did not do a few good things," Hütter said in retrospect. He presented solutions for return mail. "The distances in depth and width were too large, so the opponent was able to get out of the grip again and again, so we started in practice," reported Hütter. The team was "still stable".

He did not want to question everything. "I do not worry if you ever lose the ability to overturn everything, which has been working for two months," he said. So he probably will not change his order. He also wants to be an attractive player in Berlin. "We have a match plan, but we can not run into the open knife, Hertha is too strong for this, we have to control the depth and then we can set the front," said Hütter.

New expectations

He expects a combat of over 90 minutes, in which the little things could decide. "Hertha has nurtured trust after the last external victory, it will be a difficult match, partly because Hertha is a very strong house." Hütter knows his team is perceived differently after the strong performances this season. "The expectations have changed, we are looking up, but I do not know if we are the prey now, but we are certainly more respected," he said. The adversaries knew that harmony was unpleasant to play. "The role is ours, we will accept it willingly".

And so the trainer also slows down Filip Kostic, who recently spoke openly about a possible participation in the Eintracht Champions League, not one. On the contrary: "I think it's great to have great goals," he said. "Being in the top four would obviously be insane".

In defense, Carlos Salcedo is about to return to the starting eleven. According to Hütter, the Mexican is "definitely an argument" for Berlin: "He has been back in training for three weeks and is improving day after day". For him he would probably have given way to Marco Russ, who had represented the injured captain David Abraham in recent games.


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