Eitan kidnapped and taken to Israel, the Court confirms the arrest order of his grandfather Shmuel Peleg- Corriere.it

The Review Tribunal rejected Eitan’s grandfather’s defense appeal. The lawyer Paolo Sevesi after the complaint of the Moige for “It is not the Arena”: “They want to gag Giletti”

Confirmed the arrest order for Shmuel Peleg. The Court of Review of Milan rejected the request of the defense of Eitan’s grandfather, the only child who survived the tragedy of the Mottarone cable car, to cancel the precautionary order with which the investigating judge of Pavia ordered the arrest of the 58 year old and Gabriel Abutbul Alon, the 50 year old Israeli contractor, accused of having kidnapped the child on 11 September after having taken him from the home in Pavia of aunt Aya Biran to which it was entrusted by the Court of Pavia. The Milanese judges confirmed the order requested and obtained by the deputy prosecutor of Pavia Mario Venditti and by the substitute Valentina De Stefano who also sees Esther under investigation.

The story has been in the media spotlight since May 23, the day the cable car fell killing 14 people including Eitan’s parents and 2-year-old brother. After the interview with Peleg broadcast last week during the broadcast of La7 «Non è l’Arena» Massimo Giletti, the Moige presented a complaint to the Order of Journalists against the journalist on which the defense of the former colonel of the Israeli army takes a stand. «After the Juvenile Court had recommended secrecy to lawyers, the Public Prosecutor of the same Court appeared at Bruno Vespa; the Public Prosecutor of Pavia even issued a press release before the execution of the Custodial Ordinance against Peleg “, declares in a statement the lawyer Paolo Sevesi who, after” the complaint delivered in record time to Massimo Giletti », He protests because the document, issued in recent weeks, was released in the« original file saved by the Judge, the same afternoon, something very serious and never happened before. All this can pass over in silence – concludes the defender – and if a television journalist dares to ask questions that suggest doubts, he must be gagged ».

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November 22, 2021 (change November 22, 2021 | 18:18)

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